Sense Apartments

Featuring 8 stories, a rooftop communal area and above-ground carpark, Sense provides contemporary living space with added security and proximity to Toowong village centre. No clear-cut project, the Blades team faced a considerable challenge with Sense in the planning phase. The team was able to overcome these challenges through its diligent approach to feasibility studies and ability to deliver alternate solutions.

Throughout the project, Blades addressed community concerns to reshape the project between 2005 and 2010 – from a three-storey residential development, to a short-term hotel, to what is now the 8-storey apartment complex. Despite the planning challenges, Blades ensured communication between the client, the council and the community was open, consistent and collaborative, resulting in a positive outcome for all.

Maryvale Street, Toowong, QLD
Form of Delivery
Tendered design and construct
Completion date
February 2016
Private Developer